Certified quality at the highest level

In January 2018, we successfully completed the renewal audit at our locations in Vienna and Poland, for the first time in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. All processes were analyzed and the auditor, together with our external consultant, determined that all of our business processes conform to the international quality management standards.

In the course of the audit, besides the review of the processes, special attention was paid to risk analysis and prevention. For example, a risk matrix in which all risks were evaluated, was drawn up with the department heads. The matrix has been used to develop strategies for minimizing existing risks and turning them into opportunities.

Discover risks and turn them into strengths

The analysis identifies business risks and our company works proactively to minimize these risks and improve quality. All factors within and outside of Habasit GmbH in Vienna are considered, including employees, customers, suppliers, authorities, legislators, competitors, etc. The interaction of all of these stakeholders influences the outcome and the success of each organization. Recognizing developments and controlling them as far as possible is the aim of the risk analysis. Of course, risk management does not end with a successful audit, but is firmly anchored in our daily processes.

One typical example is the risk of deterioration of customer relationships. Apart from the regular contact with customers, we also monitor the relationships by means of an annual customer satisfaction survey. The questions are not only related to products but also to the relationships between customers and supplier. The information collected in these questionnaires enables us to recognize weaknesses, react quickly and reinforce our strengths.

Quality you can trust

With the renewal of our certificate, Quality Austria confirmed that our processes and workflows meet the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and specifications. We thank our colleagues for their dedication to the achievement and active development of our quality goals and continue to build on the quality awareness of each employee.

Norbert BauerOperations Manager

Our certificates are available for download on our website: www.habasit.com/de/9992.htm

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