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in the new Highlights issue we have put together a colorful mixture of various stories about and around conveyor belts. Some articles are more focused on technical solutions and industry trends, while others refer to topics you would not necessarily associate with the belting industry and Habasit, at least at first glance.

One of these articles tells the story of a family of foxes (page 11). Find out how a young fox, inspired by his playful instincts, discovered a new, extraordinary way to bring motion onto conveyor belts. Hopefully, this story will put a smile on your face as well.

A more conventional field in which conveyor belts are used is the packaging industry. The trend towards more sustainable packaging solutions is what we highlight in the article on page 6.

We take this opportunity to thank our employees for their commitment to our core values and especially for the high quality standards we constantly achieve. Our processes and workflows have again been approved by the external auditor who awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certificate to us (page 4).

These and many more stories await you on the next pages.

Enjoy reading the Highlights magazine,

Alexander Detsyura
Country Manager CEE

Markus Deutsch
Country Manager Austria


Edition 02/2018

Highlights is published three times a year in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese.

Circulation: 21,000

Publisher: Habasit GmbH, Hetmanekgasse 13, A-1230 Wien,

Responsible for the content: Anna Marcol, Sonja Strimitzer, Inken Budecker, Susan Dijkhuizen, Izabela Panol

Editor-in-chief: Sonja Strimitzer

Editorial team: Shelby Stuart (ST)

Translation service: Justyna Ziębka


Design and lithography: IKROPKA

Reprinting these articles (texts & illustrations) or excerpts thereof requires the expressed written permission of the publisher.

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