The World Cup and the tastes of triumph

Fans across the globe are feverishly anticipating the 2018 FIFA World Cup. To be kicked off this month, the 21st quadrennial international football tournament will take place in Russia, where 32 qualifying national men`s teams will play a total of 64 matches, keeping the worldwide audience on the edge of their seats.

In 2014, the event drew 3.2 billion in-home television viewers, while 280 million watched online or from a mobile device. Although there are few who are ever fortunate enough to see a World Cup match live, this does not stop the lively participation of enthusiasts from the comfort of their couches or local bar stools.

The belts behind-the-scenes

This year is expected to be no different, and once again, fans will be relying on Habasit for their complete viewing experience. After all, no victory is complete without the food that comes with it. Whether watching the game in or outside the home, what one eats and drinks is just as important as who wins. Cans and bottles of every kind of soft drinks or beer, undeniably the most universal sports-watching beverage, are processed on chain conveyors before reaching the supermarket, kiosk or bar of choice. The wide variety of potato chips (believe it or not, there are more than 200 flavors), as well as the pretzels, crackers, popcorn and nuts which will inevitably appear in front of any television, are all processed on plastic modular belts which ensure the gentle and precise handling of every last flavor.

And one cannot forget Habasit Cleandrive™, the monolithic belt which is the ideal and hygienic choice for the poultry industry. Without which no one would enjoy the traditional chicken wings which have become a sort of initiation food into the world of sports. Not to mention the diversity of chocolates and gummies which are a must for any celebration. These items of gluey sweetness are conveyed on non-stick fabric belts.

So while the rest of the world makes bets about who will win and why, Habasit belts will be churning to meet the hungry demand of football`s most fervent fans.

And perhaps you will be one of them. (ST)

Sonja StrimitzerMarketing

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