Turning on the lights of Timișoara

More than one hundred and thirty years ago, Timișoara became the first city in mainland Europe to be illuminated by electric light. In 1882, after a long-term contract with the city`s gas provider ended, the municipality needed to find a solution for rising gas prices. Since every lamp in the city required gas to burn through the night, and the overpriced provider owned every pipe that the fuel flowed through, the streets were at risk of returning to complete darkness. It was a British-Austrian company based in Vienna that offered to build a power plant which would illuminate the pitch-black streets. On the evening of Nov. 12th,1884, a total of 731 lamps were turned on to cast a new glow over a city that had just made history.

A new arrival

Habasit recently turned on their own lights in Timișoara with the opening of a new service center in the heart of one of Romania`s most modern and innovative cities. Although Habasit has been working with customers in the country since the mid-nineties, the opening of a fabrication center with an on-site Service and Customer Care team will significantly improve the service. With extensive local stock and shorter delivery times, the Romanian market will now benefit from fast and flexible availability, as well as on-hand expertise.

“Since several years the East European belting market has become more and more demanding,” explains the Sales Manager, Radu Aanei. “The Habasit Service Center in Romania, as both a company and a project, represents a clear statement that we fully understand and are committed to the needs of the market.”

Lights, camera, action!

The fabrication center was built according to Habasit`s highest standards. Employees enjoy spacious working conditions and the building can be easily adapted for future development. Modern cutting-edge machinery, specially designed by Habasit`s own Fabrication Technology Competence Center, are installed on-site in order for engineers to be able to perform all standard modifications of fabric belts, such as cutting to size, joinings, and the application of profiles and cleats. On-site belt installations, replacements, fittings and consultations, are now all at the customer`s fingertips.

“It was absolutely a pleasure to see the scale of investment,” said a representative from ALPHR Technology who attended the opening event of the service center. “There was such attention to detail: from the fabrication process, to the application of safety regulations to a comfortable and pleasurable working environment for employees.”

Building the Timișoara team

A new Customer Care team was carefully selected for the location and members underwent an intensive three-month training phase in Vienna. Highly experienced Application Engineers, Product Managers and other specialized colleagues shared years of knowledge with the dynamic new team which now make up Habasit Romania.

“Looking back over the challenges of these last months,” says Radu Aanei, “when we first started to build a brand-new Fabrication and Customer Care team, I can only conclude that their contribution has made us stronger and helped us to build a powerful team faster than expected.”

The young and motivated personnel are also supported by the experienced local sales force, a group of highly trained and committed professionals who have already established long-term relationships with customers throughout the country.

Habasit Austria will continue to offer their ongoing support of the new location. As a family-run company from the start, Habasit`s roots remain in relationships of mutual exchange at both a local and global level. An extensive network of knowledge and expertise is always available to both customers and colleagues alike.

The sky is the limit

“We are looking forward to the years to come,” says Radu Aanei, who plans that the location can also eventually serve neighboring markets, such as Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia.

“I am totally convinced our commitment to the market will be much appreciated by our customers and partners in South Eastern Europe, creating a business scenario where we will happily have no other choice but to enlarge our capacities.”

Although the arrival of Habasit is not the first time that Timișoara has made history, it certainly will not be the last. The sky is the limit in a city that has long been lit by innovation. (ST)

Sonja StrimitzerMarketing

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