Transported through time:
One young company builds on the past to stay in step with the future

Multitec Systems d.o.o. was founded in 2015, although their history, experience and know-how began nearly three decades before. As an off-shoot of MULTITEC, a company which has been thriving in the field of transport systems since 1985, MULTITEC SYSTEMS has set out to further specialize their focus on improved production of advanced mechanical systems, particularly in the food industry. For this successful venture, Habasit has been their partner of choice.

Based in Serbia, MULTITEC SYSTEMS has the innovative vision of a young company combined with the expertise of a much older one. They are committed to providing quality and efficient technical support matched by superior machinery throughout Eastern Europe. The company is rapidly growing as they continue to develop the finest design lines for transport, packaging and printing machines.

Recently, Highlights` editor-in-chief, Sonja Strimitzer, had the chance to speak with MULTITEC SYSTEMS` manager, Milić Stjepanović, to learn more about the company and what it has meant to work with Habasit over the years:

In what industry are you operating?

MULTITEC SYSTEMS operates mainly in the food industry with an orientation to the meat industry. This means that hygiene is a top priority for our clients.

What are your core products?

Our core products are conveyors and other transport systems for raw materials, as well as semi- to finished products in the food industry. We also develop lines for vacuum packaging of meat. Meat product packaging is one of our core specializations, and of course, when dealing with raw food stuff, sanitation is a top priority. We work together with Habasit to ensure hygiene at every stage of production.

One way we do this is by creating machines that our customers can dismantle without tools. Belts can be removed easily for regular hygiene maintenance with very little downtime.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are largely in the food industry, and more particularly in the meat industry. We serve markets across Eastern Europe from Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Slovenia and Romania to Bulgaria. Wherever we are, our commitment to quality remains the same.

In your opinion, what are currently the most significant trends in the industry and how is MULTITEC SYSTEMS responding to them?

Automation of the manufacturing process is becoming more and more of a demand as companies are looking for ways to increase their capacity of production while also improving the quality of their product.

We consider it our responsibility to follow the trends very closely in order to fully serve the needs of our customers. We track the latest developments through electronic media, major domestic and international fairs, and by acquiring new knowledge through our external partners.

What is the biggest challenge for the factory of the future?

To both expand and specialize. We want to reach a wider foreign market while also creating tailor-made solutions for every customer.

Which projects/developments do you expect for the future?

We are always working intensively to improve our machines for the meat industry. Our goal is to design and produce as many elements of the packaging line as possible, and in the end, to develop the production of the entire line.

In general, have the customers` requirements regarding your products changed? If yes, how?

Our clients` needs evolve according to market requirements. Market demands are enhanced packaging with the aim of satisfying the end customer. This also means achieving better hygiene conditions for the product itself and, of course, improved branding for the manufacturer.

MULTITEC SYSTEMS has a reputation for innovation. In your opinion, which innovations have been the most beneficial for your customers?

Any solution which enables increased production, as well as compliance with today`s hygiene standards.

Everyone is talking about sustainability. What role does sustainability play in your company?

Our commitment to sustainability means constant improvement and an ongoing search for new solutions and technologies which can better serve the environment.

The future belongs to… (please complete this sentence)

…innovative and flexible companies and individuals who can respond in a timely manner to a wide range of diverse requests.

What does MULTITEC look for in a partner?

Quality, accuracy and a fast response. These are nonnegotiables. We rely on good communication and trust in business cooperation.

How did you get to know Habasit?

We got to know Habasit through the representative office in Serbia and through the recommendation of colleagues. We have been working with Habasit for more than 5 years.

What differentiates Habasit from other suppliers?

Open communication, a cooperative support team and high-quality products. Habasit stands for dependability, and this means that our cooperation only improves with time. As a partner with superior products, Habasit is well-suited to a changing industry and we are excited to move into the future together.

Thank you very much for the conversation. (ST)

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