Truly endless

Disposable purchases have become increasingly common around the world. From cameras to cutlery to single-use contact lenses, it has become the norm to throw away relatively new products, but at Habasit, we have long-term results in mind. Our engineers believe convenience and quality can go hand in hand and that means developing products which can last a lifetime.

Truly endless timing belts are generally twice as strong as joined ones, and as a result are used across a wide range of industries. Power transmission belts are required in applications which demand both force and accuracy, but for any successful conveying system, precision of movement must be matched by a belt`s durability.

While Habasit belts have long been available in a variety of pitches, until now they have not been delivered in customized widths. If engineers wanted anything other than the standard widths available (16, 25, 32, or 50 mm) they had to slit the belt to the required width, remove the cord on the edge (a tricky, time-consuming procedure), and then seal the belt edge with a hot air gun by melting it into the correct position. The result is rarely a perfect, homogeneous edge.

There has to be a better way

In response, Habasit is now offering the first ever customizable-width flex endless belts with homogeneous edges, based on our innovative, flexible slitting lane technology. The slitting lanes not only define the width of the belt, but cords can also be dropped in any place where punch holes are necessary, making it possible to even place screws between the cords.

With smooth, homogeneous edges, there is no fraying and no risk of cord material getting into the product. The expected lifetime of the belt is also longer since the cord at belt edges is completely covered by TPU which limits a risk of damages over the time.

The new, customizable flex belts are available in a wide variety of pitches and materials, including belts for food conveying, and a variety of different cord types (steel, stainless steel, highly flexible steel, aramid), ensuring they can work on very small pulley diameters or tight transfers. The maximum standard width available is 150 mm.

For further information check out our video:

Endless choices

In our experience, choosing the right belt to fit the application is an iterative process that moves from the general to the specific. With over 8000 different options available to make a timing belt, such as covering pitch, slit lanes, colors, materials, cords, etc., our engineers take a highly structured approach to defining the best options for your needs.

The minimum required belt width is determined based on the most demanding conditions. Preferably, the next largest standard width is chosen. However, our new programmable cord positioning production process lets us now fully optimize belt width to achieve the most cost-efficient results.

A lasting effect

At Habasit, we believe that detailed understanding and analysis of the application is a first step to deliver optimal solutions which are in-line with the even most challenging demands. We strive for long-lasting results by offering products which are more durable than they are dispensable.

Michał Lubos Product Manager
HabaSYNC® Timing Belts

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