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In this issue, we would like to take a moment to introduce the faces behind our MO Marketing Communications Team. From the organization of international trade show participation to corporate design, to digital media, to campaigns to the Highlights, we encounter their work every day. In close cooperation with the customer-facing local sales and marketing teams, these are the people behind the scenes who make Habasit visible to the world. Here is a glimpse of their collective passion for both work and fun:

Joanna Sliwinska, Marketing Communication Coordinator in Poland, with Habasit since June 2018, responsible for international trade shows and media.

I like challenges, both in my job where I need to plan each exhibition or media campaign in detail, and in my private life where I dedicate a lot of time preparing for upcoming races (triathlon, running, cycling), however, each exhibition or race is different and I like to adjust accordingly to make each one a success.

Organizing trade shows for our company gives me the opportunity to work with colleagues from all over the word including ISMs, product managers, exhibition stuff, constructors, booth crew etc.

“Walk on water I can; miracles take a little bit longer" is my life quote.

Sonja Strimitzer, Marketing Communications Specialist in Austria, with Habasit since 2011, Editor-in-chief of the Highlights magazine and responsible for customer cases.

Growing up in the Austrian Alps, I am very keen on skiing and outdoor sports and I like spending time with friends. I am genuinely interested in peoples’ lives. I see it as a privilege that colleagues and customers share their thoughts with me and trust me in telling their stories.

The moment when I hold a new Highlights issue in my hands is always very rewarding. I hope you enjoy reading the Highlights as much as I enjoy creating them.

Gabriela Laskowska, Marketing Production Coordinator in Poland, with Habasit since 2018, responsible for the management of Habasit product samples and promotional items worldwide.

What I value most is teamwork. After a short brainstorming session, we work together and support each other at every stage of the process in order to get the best results. After work, all my free time is taken up with ballroom dancing, which requires the same commitment of excellence.

From the idea to the finished product, I enjoy the process of creating objects and seeing how thoughts take shape in the world.

Maciej Gajda, Market Launch Coordinator in Poland, fresh Habasit blood, responsible for aligning market launch activities with different departments, developing and supporting communication packages.

Outside of work, I enjoy team sports such us volleyball, but I also enjoy sports like biking and tennis.

I really value fruitful collaboration, which is why I see work between different teams as an opportunity to get to know opinions from many different angles. Personally, I think that the company’s success lies in its people and it always fascinates me what wonderful results we can achieve thanks to the synergy effect.

Anna Marcol, Marketing Communications Manager with Habasit since 2017, overlooking the projects of the MarCom team.

A keen globetrotter, I take pleasure in discovering new places, cultures and people. Travelling is a wonderful learning experience – I come back from every journey with fresh ideas for both my private and professional life.

I am passionate about communications, especially about delivering value and capturing attention in the digital era. As a global team we get an opportunity to work with colleagues around the world and I am proud to be part of a team with so many creative ideas and spirit of collaboration.

Danuta Gola, Visual Communication Specialist in Poland, with Habasit since 2016, responsible for corporate identity and the consistent visual presence of the Habasit brand through graphics.

I support my colleagues all over the world with graphic design. I share my knowledge of brand visual representation and print production.

In my free time, I am also interested in visual language as a passionate landscape photographer.

Artur Romanczyk

Artur Romańczyk, Visual Communications Specialist in Poland, with Habasit­ since 2016.

I find a lot of inspiration in nature, I am a big enthusiast of animals and especially my personal, four-legged loafer.

I enjoy what I do and dedicate a large portion of my life to graphic design. University knowledge along with work experience allows me to transform challenges into solutions. Much of the designs of brochures and business cards that you see from Habasit were created by me.

Susan Dijkhuizen, Content Marketing Coordinator located in the Netherlands, responsible for the Habasit Expert Blog.

I’m passionate about content & digital marketing and enjoy being part of the professional international MarCom team, supporting our world-wide sales organization. I’m curious to explore new technologies and finding ways of doing things differently. Thus, I stay up-to-date on the latest market trends.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my 5 year old son, practice yoga and enjoy listening to music. I am also very keen on travelling and learning about other cultures.

Chiara Gobitti, Digital Marketing Specialist, in Habasit since 2015, located in Italy, heavy tea drinker. Currently in charge of the website project and Social Media.

I’m honest and straightforward, I love challenges, creativity and I’m a language enthusiast which makes my working in a multicultural environment very exciting.

“Being a curious person, when I was proposed to work for the website project I immediately accepted in order to challenge myself. It’s not an easy task but with the help of the MarCom Team everything is easier and more fun.”

Kim-An Phan, Website Project Assistant/Content Coordinator in the United States, with Habasit since 2017, responsible for creating and coordinating content for Habasit webpages.

Working here at Habasit has taught me a lot about teamwork. I realize how much I appreciate the synergy in our team. Our work stems from the creative contribution and vision of each person being in sync, just as the notes need to synchronize for a beautiful song on the piano.

Witnessing the development and the result of our work excites me, because it shows that our effort is worthwhile. Exactly that is what I am experiencing by working on the website – to see it turn into a product that will make an impact on the company and its people.

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